The Elder

The unsuspecting cauliflower leaf was thrown into the kitchen sink filled to the brim with ice-cold water. 

Its green waves broke through the soft membrane and its folds quickly filled whilst the invisible undercurrents drew it deeper. 

It did not protest; rather, it settled on the sink-bed gently waving its folds at me, revealing its veins cased in silver lining. 


Treading-water so meek, the leafy snail-trail sent forth smiley ripples stroking my hands right through to the core. 

It did not have much to say.  It just sat there – trying ever-so-hard to pass itself off as an ordinary cauliflower leaf – imploring me to go. 

Indeed, ordinary it was.  I turned and left quickly, not wanting to betray its obscurity. 

I departed that day with a silver lining on my heart and I knew then what was love.


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