Traditio, creare*

I passed over something to one who is near to me.  Dear to me.

Something old and tried, which founded me greatly



That one.  Near to me, dear to me.  That one genus

arrogant, species –ignoramus, held in contempt

the bloodied earth


which bore him fodder to live and move.  An a-logo** seeking

another ignoramus to breed a generation disdained



Take, my son. Take my blood and drink before the drought

comes nigh.  And when I expire, devour me whole

take my soul


in your chest and make it yours.  A substance shaped and

made to suit your flair; to be.  Do not despise my

gift to found


your life on unique dimensions.  To know the language

you spoke at the first rising of the son, which word

knows you well.


Be not afraid of the unknown.  Be not disillusioned by illogical

appearances.  The mind limited by the measurable and



can not know.



* Tradition, to create

** a-logo comes from the Greek word meaning horse; the ancient Greek word means without (a-) speech/reason/word (logos).

*** Atomic derives from the Greek word atomos (individual).







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