Immortal Tones

The waves slide up against me

in a gentle fashion

making their way to my ears


Their voices come together

like the birds of the sea

embracing my feet


like cheeky little puppies

licking my toes


All I hear is music

speaking out loud

and an unlikely kinship

is formed


As the sun sets

I make my way to where it began

leaning back on the wooden stand

carved with ancient symbols

flowers and birds

fountains and crosses

where the subtle scent of

incense fills the air


A breath

far-reaching and deep

twists and turns

snatching all that it finds

taking it away


Is released

plucking the chords

propelling forth a force

that passes from one molecule

to another


I smile as the song fills the place

as it merges with their ears

and speaks to their heart

leaving me empty


And so words travel through air

waves of sound merging with

waves of evening light

till the force dwindles

is exhausted

and only silence remains

where extinction is borne


As the sun disappears

darkness fills this place

joy replaced by sorrow

stepping down from the stand

in compunction

I drift away


A hand touches my shoulder

her eyes speak volumes

tones blue-like the waves of gratitude

within her immortal soul

then I know

that the song will

never die


Daily Prompt: Eye of the Beholder







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