The Time Barrier

My chest is heavy

my breathing shallow

an uneasy restlessness

wells right up

to my head.


I know that I am afraid of

merely skimming

the surface

and doing nothing.


I fear dear friends

that I am anxious

about being anxious.

How to stop, how to stop

there is no time

to just be.


Time is of the essence;

time which  is measured

by change;

and change cannot

be stopped.


Even were I to sit still

to cease

my body changes yet

as cells are constantly born

and die.


If there to be but only


neither future, nor past

time would be defeated.


I sit back and observe

every moment

as it is



And I see that every

drop of my being

is now in the present.

I have entered

the eternal present.



Daily Prompt: Bloggers, Unplugged







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