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Image Credit: Unknown
Image Credit: Unknown

I took a deep breath inhaling the cool, green dampness that filled the air and though the river had dried up long ago, it could still be heard as the wind rushed down the parched channel.

The cobbled path curved itself onto the bottoms of my feet, hugging them for brief moments before letting go.

Making my way over the bridge, I felt a gentle rumbling as waves of rest travelled down the mountain-path, covered in fine green shawls, lined with golden, sun-burnt balconies.

I spied the monastery rising above the mountain-top, casting a shadow of disquiet over my soul.  I was perturbed by the mountain’s deception, practising its ancient craft, enticing me to settle in its bowels – unsettling me.

Arriving at the peak I faced the solid wooden doors of that hallowed haven.


As they opened

an embrace pacific

I knew that I would have

to face

my self


(Written for Cognitive Reflection: Picture Writing Challenge #19 and Trifecta: Week 102)




14 thoughts on “Confrontation

    1. Why thank you Draug 🙂 and I always wanted to be a painter but could never manage to work with paint. We mixed and mingled for a while but there was no connection; thank God for words!

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