Chania, Crete


O distant Sapphire Ocean

a splash of silence against my heart

you rise and fall

giving birth to gentle giants

impressing ravines deep

planting a trail  of choral bushes

as you retreat

you call out to me



Your dry, rocky land;

my flesh

a primordial ode

having begotten desert-dwellers

a new breed of Spartan

‘Know me’

I beseech


Whilst Zephyrus and Eurus clash

left behind to tussle

your earthy scent saturates,

nay, rustles my soul

greeting me

on that sacred rock

from whence my blood

first sprung forth

(Written for PTWWW “Be Inspired” Writing Challenge #5)


3 thoughts on “INFIDEL

  1. Wow! Thank you for participating in the challenge! This makes me feel elated! And the image you have set here with your words is spell bounding. This is an amazingly written piece and great profoundness is what can be seen here! An inspirational poem for sure!

    Keep writing and you may earn a PTWWW Be inspired Badge soon!


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