Twice Almost Lost

Have you ever had a person in your life who affirmed your existence, whose simple, hug, smile, presence made you feel like you were the most important person in the world?  I had such a person, my pappou (grandfather).  I did not see him much (he was a very busy man), but when I did I would sit and bathe in his presence.  I felt his love when he hugged me, when he smiled at me.  His eyes were deep and they were always saying something, I’m not sure what, but when I our eyes met I ‘knew’.  I would tell him my problems, and even though there was nothing he could do to fix them, somehow, everything got better.  He was a great gift to me at a time where I could have been lost; it’s a horrible thing to be lost in childhood…  The following tanka is about him (response to Amreen’s PTWWW “Be Inspired” Writing Challenge #7):


eyes deep, smile knowing

strong embrace holding me tight

secures certitude

that I am worthy of love

despite all odds, I exist




5 thoughts on “Twice Almost Lost

  1. Excellent! Your poems say so much! Such small poetry forms make us think about the scene or words written. I too feel that some people really have that respect in our lives because they make us feel worthy and great of what we are. And I am glad you already had one. Sorry to learn that you didn’t get much time with him, but some amount of quality time did work for you to realize your importance through his eyes. This poem is wonderful and has more imagery to share than the syllable counts.

    Keep writing hun!

    Thanks so much for participating in the challenge. Your presence is always welcome:)


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