A People, as Old as the World

Their voices, like shadows on my soul,
cling to my wholeness, to the air
I breath; quickening me.
I do not understand
how poets of old
my forefathers
touch me so

passion, adamantine conviction.
Well-known, unknown, held in contempt
by audacious surety
men never forgotten
whose story is mine
their struggles die
entombed in
a corpse.

scattered to the ends of the earth wide
tones which we had desired to hear
previous unknown delights
despoiling straight, black lines
freeing space and time
begetting tears
breaking forth
past hopes  –
bis *

* again, repeat

Thoughts on A People, as Old as the World.

(In response to PTWWW “Be Inspired” Challenge #8)


4 thoughts on “A People, as Old as the World

  1. Wow! Eleni, first thanks for your participation and for this brilliant String Nonet. It is fine that you wrote a chain to settle the thought, but I really like the idea behind this poem and I can really see your increasing fame with writing such different forms. Amazing!


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