A Grave Consideration

The grave lies down, etched into the mountain dirt like the freshness of tomorrow. The wind bears the scent of olives ground, mingling with the dampness of lang syne. Tinkling bells hang from the necks of four-footed beasts bleating their fate, evoking tones of repose and silent passings; mortality. Vast mountains lie – professing innocuity whilst hiding warriors beneath their rugged mantles. Time no longer is. Deafening silence motionlessly moves bearing witness to a space liberated, matter re-formed, a land anointed.

ready tomb hails death
I, mountain deep, do unveil –
noble warrior


Written for PTWWW Be Inspired Challenge #9



5 thoughts on “A Grave Consideration

  1. Brilliant Eleni! You really are a poetic genius! This is indeed thrilling and excellent. As we know, This form is mostly about imagery and what you have written is nothing less than a story. You did true justice with this. The imagery, the story, the message, the haiku- Excellent it is!

    I hope to see more from you and I truly thank you for your participation.

    I am just spell-bound by this piece. I hope more people actually read this.


    1. Thanks Amreen. Actually, I really enjoyed writing this piece as I love to write poetic prose, I think I will have to try my hand at writing more of these!

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