Who was that man who passed me by
on the street
who scooped me up
like a bunch of dead leaves
throwing me on the tail-end
of the wind?
he scattered me abroad

What was that leaf that brushed past
my cheek
sealing a mark sweet
like an incipient warlord
founding my feet on a
beat-up path?
it shed my tears

How did that drop fall down from
that path
menacing me
like a broken-record
crying the same old song
again and again?
buzzing in my ears

When did those ears stop listening
to the teary song
shed by the fallen one
that conquered the world
one leaf at a time
on that windy day?
they closed up on the world

Where is that world abandoned
by its very own self
left destitute
in the gutter of life
waiting to be scooped up
and loved?

Where is that man?


This poem was an interesting one to write as I had no idea where I was going with it, to begin with… All I knew was that each verse had to be somehow linked to the previous one and that I would have to end where I began. Of course, once I had finished I had to read it over and figure out what on earth I was writing about. It goes a little like this:

There once was man, full of love, who embraced a little girl and accepted her as she was… just because. His embrace was like a life-giving wind which picked her out of the gutter; out of her tired, old body and encouraged her to come to life, spreading bits of herself to others. Those little bits of that emerging Person touched others in quiet, simple ways, often unnoticed. However, there are also those people whose ears are closed to the suffering of others, who are unwilling to soften their heart. And so, the little girl curiously asks about where humanity can be found. Is it out in the big wide world? Or perhaps in one great man? Or maybe, just maybe, it is around every corner waiting to be found.

one little girl born
many hearts wither and die
where is that one man?




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