The Door to Life

The following poem is in response to Amreen’s PTWWW ‘Be Inspired Challenge’ #12 which was to write a found poem (i.e. take an existing text and re-work it into a poem).  I decided to use the weather forecast of the upcoming days as a basis for the poem, with a few minor changes…

Thursday 24 January

with a cool change
showers scattered
during the morning;
a chance of afternoon
or even evening

Northerly winds
fifteen to twenty
kilometres per hour
light becoming
during the morning  –
southwesterly becoming
fifteen to twenty five
kilometres per hour
during the evening.

Sunday 27 January

Light wind becoming.
fifteen to twenty
kilometres per hour
early in
the morning.


3 thoughts on “The Door to Life

  1. Absolutely fabulous! Eleni, you are a superb writer and I am glad my challenges have you for I love reading your entry always. This was perfectly done and I feel you have very cleverly depicted the atmosphere changes in this piece! Well done dear and thanks for participating again:)


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