Written for Haibun Thinking Week 2 Challenge in response to the following literature prompt:
Gathering her brows like gathering storm, Nursing her wrath to keep it warm
Robert Burns


There is something compelling about holding fire in the palms of your hands. It licks your fingers, scorching porcelain skin, peeling sheer layers of exquisite lace, laying bare dry bones. Blinded in the haze, inhaling burning vapour, energised by that rage, a raging inferno you become; a complete holocaust, surrendering to the irresistible call to sacrifice at the altar of a proud, bitter righteousness.

Spewing forth meet judgements she flew through the wind, shattering images absent, perceptible only in her own reflection. Bitterness swept through her vain veins, poisoning her members, paralysing. Nobody stood a chance before such fury, not even she.

Drifting shadow-dance
rage ravages innocence –
young heart slowly dies


14 thoughts on “Inexorable

  1. I like that, The way you take the reader on the view from the fire. “Nobody stood a chance before such fury, not even she. Brilliant.

    1. Thanks Anja 🙂 I’ve only just recently discovered haibun and haiku and I am very glad that I did! I find it allows so much expression whilst allowing for a potent dose of poetry at the end.

      1. I started haibun last spring and fell in love with the form. I have often avoided haiku but now I am really enjoying them. Guess you never know unless you try. 🙂

      2. So true, having the courage to take something on even though it seems impossible. I like haiku in the context of a haibun, but on its own… I find it’s like trying to fit an entire ocean into a wee little bucket!

      3. That is exactly how I was with haiku. I do Carpe Diem as well and we followed the Aleph book. I did a haibun every time instead of just a haiku. I am just now doing haiku on their own and getting adjusted.

  2. Wow – sounds like someone has spoken from after being tossed into a volcano as a sacrifice.

    Thanks for your visit. I enjoy meeting new writers and poets – all artists really.

    1. Yes, it gets a bit like that from time-to-time 😉

      Likewise, being relatively new to blogging I truly enjoy unearthing the many, varied gems floating about the online world.

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