Searching for Forgotten Engines

Written for PTWWW’s Be Inspired Weekly Challenge #13 which was to write an Epigram.  Ok, so this might be a little harsh but perhaps not…   As a teacher I have seen many young people (and adults!) who do not know how to effectively use that little tool called ‘google’.  So it’s not google’s fault after all?  And I am playing the hypocrite as I use google religiously, first port of call actually!

What is google
but a help to the weary soul
a solution to all of man’s problems
a healthy mind sentenced to She’ol.


4 thoughts on “Searching for Forgotten Engines

  1. Wow! I so agree with you here! I too find Google my solution for many problems ofcourse and this was just so apt! I really enjoyed your poem as always and this attempt is just amazing! Thanks for your participation!


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