Ode to Patient Endurance


In mourning light I greet the child within a heart’s lost chamber

there reigns a mist of youthfulness beneath those years of slumber.

I will not let you snatch away sweet breath of tender eras

you cannot take our youth away nor slay its timeless auras.


Perchance I sit on feeble knees and break your will forever

and thrust you down to hades where all remorse unsaid I gather

what will you do small child of mine to reap that yearned-for solace

how will you fly from time to time and raise that deadened promise?


In quietude it cannot speak by fear inert ‘tis rendered

in many ways it knew its fate before its dawn was tethered.

Now looking back on roads well-trod nostalgia looms above her

in desperate straits her spirit seeks a long-lost ardent river.


As blood-drops quench her fingertips, as broken bones cry terror

when all strength fails, when reason stops, when famine stalks a beggar

then supple clay does e’er become a form of untold beauty

completed promise unexpected wrought by hand almighty.


Then age-old comeliness appears like dayspring in the winter

spontaneous child-like innocence does whelm my every member.

Darkness’ hidden myst’ry, exposed by notes of birds awoken

a trace of gold sneaks through the mist, the gates of hades are broken.




Written for PTWWW “Be Inspired” Weekly writing challenge #14 which was to write an Ode (although mine is still a work-in-progress, each current verse will state the theme for each part of the ode, which explains why the ideas don’t exactly flow).


The form I chose for my Ode was a Cretan (Greek) form called ‘mantinada’.  A mantinada consists of rhyming couplets which are composed in dekapendasyllabos (i.e. 15 syllables in iambic metre), with the theme being either love or satire.




4 thoughts on “Ode to Patient Endurance

  1. Brilliant! El, when I started off with these challenges, I never thought my ideas & themes would go this long and inspire every participant to research on the poetry forms & write such commendable poems. I truly would tell, you are going up the ladder with pride hun! Your words, the profoundness in them need appreciation beyond words. I am overwhelmed with your poetic brilliance! Loved this! Thanks for your participation dear! I now & always appreciate it:)


    1. Thanks for taking the time to set the challenges and read our responses Amreen! I always appreciate your encouragement, although… I am concerned that with this sort of praise… before long, I won’t be able to fit through the door 😉

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