Looming Change


I sea-snow, pushing against borders, craving to break free,  melting into liquid sweet; contained yet not confined, beyond boundaries defined.  Sitting alone settled, like an island, spying birds take aflight, I envy sun’s light; sailing, embracing matter, twisting-and-turning a dusk-like dance, refracting through the surface of the bound-less sea.  All of nature moves, changes, takes flight; my walls, my foundations, a lawless nite.   Though I bear a life so great – though window-panes it might break – it does know not how to awaken itself, bouncing incessantly off weathered walls.

nature ebbs and flows

night looms over house bound

weaving all men free


Written for Moi’s weekly challenge ‘Once More With Feeling #6’ and Haibun Thinking’s Week 9 Challenge inspired by the film quote: ‘Golly, did I hear you say you would be free if you could?’  Gussy the Goose, Charlotte’s Web (2006).



21 thoughts on “Looming Change

      1. Lol! Thanks for the feedback, I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective 🙂 oh, and I am a tad bit of a perfectionist… major cause of tunnel vision!

  1. Attempting to catch up on my return visits. Thank you for visiting ‘Surveyor’. Not sure where Joan is going to go next 🙂

    I am looking forward to weaving my way towards spring. Even if it means cleaning up the yard from all the various storms debris.

    Good day to you. ~Jules

      1. Hope your winter is a bit easier than ours.
        We had over 50 inches of snow – when our area normally just gets a dusting. And it was very, very cold.

        We even had some daffodils bloom yesterday. 🙂

      2. The snow wasn’t all at once. So that was good.
        Though some places have snow all winter.

        I have early and late blooming daffodils. The late ones might just be under some fallen tree limbs… I’ll have to see if I can find them…and uncover them.

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