Billows of sacred voices hanging in the air, like dew-drops sweet

Embrace in every face the spark which is its own

Altogether unique in colour, making its mark on the world.

Ubiquitous tone, overlooked for the sake of pretty silky layers –

Turning about, biding your time –

Yearn yet to be seen; time to sound!


Billows embrace, altogether ubiquitous, turning – Yearn.



This poem was written as part of my workplace training…  Who would have thought!  The task was to write a poem about beauty, using the letters of the word beauty as the first letter of each line. 


2 thoughts on “Beauty

    1. Thanks Janna. Actually, I was working with a student on writing poetry. It was an interesting ‘work exercise’ as it reminded me how insightful young people can be.

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