On the Platform


Image Credit: Angela Elliot
Image Credit: Angela Elliot


Little girl waiting
For the train to come
For the rain that rumbles
Fallen clouds that strum:

“Destination ‘Hoped For’
So very far from sight
Train tracks sure to take you
Disappear, take flight.

How will you ever get there
To that place of joy
That you forever dream of
In sleep and wake so coy?”

Looks she here
Looks she there
To the sky
She throws a prayer.

Down below in Hades’ delight
Deception grants a case
As empty as it’s promises
With lies and dirt does lace:

“Try so hard to look your best
Trains take none but the lovely
Do not miss it, it comes but once,
 Or you’ll be ever lonely.”

A tear drops down, the air is thin
A horn sounds from afar
The train passed by ’cause she missed-took
a black hole for a star.



Written for Photo Challenge #23 “Lunchbox” .




6 thoughts on “On the Platform

    1. Yes it is rather ominous. I usually try to finish on a hopeful note but thought I’d try something different for once. After all, not all stories have a happy ending…

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