In a quiet suburban street lies a small block of land; modest, somewhat unkempt. People pass it by, day-by-day, yet it remains unnoticed by most.  Fine yellow-green stems, waist-high, stand somewhere between life and death. As the breeze channels through it’s brittle stalks, gentle whispers fill the field. Anyone who walks it’s breadth feels at peace, whilst those who dare to venture into its depths know they are safe to just be. “Closed little lot of crumpled earth! But who would hazard a walk on a hidden land unswept? To level you down and raise up stories, to tear out all of your morning glories?  Or perhaps to bury within your soil rich, seeds to yield; wealth to make the heart grow yonder?

field plain and simple
odd markings unrecognised –
potentially claimed


Written for Prompt #76 “Self-Portrait”. The challenge is to write about yourself through the eyes of someone else. I found this was an impossible task as I don’t know how people really see me. However, I was saved by a friend who informed me that there are old Greek grannies going around telling handsome young men that they should consider taking me as their wife because apparently I have inherited properties from my predecessors! (Hehe, why hadn’t I thought of it sooner? Emoji ) Thus the metaphor…


6 thoughts on “Unclaimed

  1. I love the explanation you have included of your work and the work itself gives a beautiful and tantalizing glimpse into your world =) There is something very charming and humble about this wonderfully done!

    1. Thanks! I usually don’t reveal much about my thinking behind the poetry but I might get into the habit after your feedback. I suppose it gives my audience a more complete picture of what I’m going on about.

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