Remembering Footsteps

Image Credit: Anja Partin
Image Credit: Anja Partin

The grass soft and prickly, running along train tracks. Soaring on two wheels, falling through the cracks. Sunlight peaks through leaves, piercing outer shells. Delightful squeals of laughter, spontaneous tales of old. Muted dusk the day after, quiet soles fall on the porch. Snuggle into bed, tucked tight;sweet dreams my child, sleep well, goodnight.

cries the depths of night
where young footprints left their mark –
Tenderness e’er lives

Written for Haibun Thinking in response to the Art Prompt by Anja Partin. The prompt reminded me of my childhood memories. As a child my mum would take my brothers and I out to play at the park and I remember her telling us stories before bed and her sitting on the front porch on summer nights enjoying a port with my aunty as my brothers, cousins and I would ride our bikes up and down the streets.


6 thoughts on “Remembering Footsteps

    1. Well… these were stories of a different kind. My cousin used to stay at my place every night. We would snuggle up in bed and my mum would tell us stories of how the mischief she used to get up to as a teenager! It’s been about a decade but both my cousin and I still remember ‘Monday nights’. I wonder whether your teenage kids would appreciate those sort of stories. Then again… maybe it’s not such a good idea 😉

      1. I’ve told them what I used to get up to. My daughter the other day said to me “I’m glad you told us what you did, we’ve learned from your mistakes” 🙂

  1. Nice! to look in, and bring back good memories they have a special touch!! and flavor! That we had a taste too!! well don and you brought in my eyes the little beautiful Eleni that was jumping for joy on your little verander when I would come to pick you up some times for church….your pomes are all very specia even when I don’t understand them very well. Love you γιαγιά.

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