Years in the Rain

The raindrops trickled down the window pane, impressing on its surface small beaded baubles too delicate to touch. I stood on the other side of that vast expanse – once transparent, now translucent – as inherent warmth met with the cold beyond; on that glassy border. The bitter frost nipped at my heels and I was inclined to turn my back and take off, when a crack broke the silence; when silence stopped me in my tracks. A slight whimpering, small bursts of notes intoning an unmeasured rhythm, sounded in my ears. I cast my gaze yet again on that tear-stained pane and saw fine cracks travelling along its surface. A steady stream of warm tender air flowed over, melting the frost. And the baubles faded, merging with time. All was left. All was now.

destruction hovers
icy pane settles at last –
still a broken whole

Written for Haibun Thinking in response to the film quote prompt, ‘All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain’ – Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner). Playing with the idea of the relationship between pain and time.


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