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Some thoughts on Christmas

The truth is that I thought twice before publishing this post (a symptom of our political correct society, I think).  Anyway, I decided to post because I like to share the creative works of my Greek Orthodox Christian tradition (images, words and music) with regards to Christmas - hopefully I won't scare everyone away 😉 As… Continue reading Some thoughts on Christmas

Random thoughts

Thoughts on ‘A People, as Old as the World’

A friend of mine mentioned that she likes to read my poems but often doesn’t understand what they are about.  So I decided that from time-to-time I would comment on the thoughts behind my poems. I write poetry but I do not read much of it.  Ironically enough, I just don’t get it.  So I… Continue reading Thoughts on ‘A People, as Old as the World’

Random thoughts


A big thank-you to my fellow-blogger, Amreen, for awarding me with the "PTWWW Be Inspired Badge" for participating in her weekly challenges.  Even more so though, I must express my gratitude for her constant inspiration and encouragement; without it I'm afraid I wouldn't have much to write...