(untitled #1)


Starry Night – Van Gogh

The waves rushed over my corpse, thrusting me to the ocean floor; suffocating me, tearing at my lungs. The sun that bathed me not long ago, seemed to hide its face before the persistent night-tide as I choked in my own tears. Swaddled in darkness I lost sight of the ‘little loves’ and my heart softly floated away; into forgetfulness. The tips of my fingers bled blue, as my body, weighed down, settled on the sandy earth. I quietly slipped beneath the watery sheets hoping to sleep that day away, every day‚Ķ

Little stars peek through curtains dark. Their sparkle breaks through the watery surface, carving a break in the waves; calling to me. A force majestic, filled and overflowing, overthrows the swells, lifting me to the surface, though I barely noticed its touch. As the air fills my lungs once more, a warm gentle breeze caresses me, lovingly. The sun is still there.

forgetful world sleeps
merciless waves rise and fall –
sun ever present


Written for Haibun Thinking.


In Parting


Flamboyant cheeky daffodil!
your smile lights up the dark
in golden sunshine may you bask
where dewdrops meet a lark

Birthday wishes written to my Irish friend who will be returning home.  I will miss her great sense of humour as well as her genuine Irish accent ūüôā


At First Breath


ants playfully work
tree branches lie still
short nights awaking

lively leaps and bounds of joy
fawns nuzzling ‘gainst the sunshine

Written for Heeding Haiku With HA: A Change in Season and Yourself. As I am in the Southern Hemisphere, my tanka is set in late spring to early summer. I also find that the change in weather brings a change in me, and conversly, a change in me often brings a change in weather!

Those Times


We basil and thyme
to each other wave
motions up-and-down
By currents tied
as the sun-shine
hugs us warm
Here we sit
basil and thyme
happy to be

Inspired by the story Now I remember why, by Stuart M. Perkins. The times that I have enjoyed the most have been spent with friends, informally gathered, discussing the ins and outs of life and having a good laugh! Those times became the foundations of life-long friendships, though I can’t for the life of me remember what we talked about. They are and continue to be my most treasured moments. I look forward to many more simple, uneventful ‘times’ for myself and for all people everywhere.

Blank Pages

The books sit on a lonely shelf as dust gathers round, on the outskirts of their pages.   Each page held, folded, underlined. Where lie years of study, adventure, discovery; and all is still the same. Ideas holding on a shelf as the winter falls. The snow gathers. All is but a memory.

O, the uselessness of words, when life remains the same; when hearts reborn unchanged!


being and words collide
sparks fall into the darkness –
life blossoms again




open tomb the sea
a fading star walks the night –
justifying the path

as is the darkness, so the light
formed in secret, set alight


Written for Heeding Haiku With HA: Drop your haiku somewhere! This week we were asked to write a haiku/tanka and leave it in a random place for someone to find. I left mine in someone’s kitchen, but it’s pretty high up and I’m wondering whether anyone will ever find it. Knowing my luck it will probably fall to the ground, get swept up and thrown into the bin! 

The poem itself was inspired by one of my favourite psalms.  When reading it my thoughts turned to the star which travels through the darkness of life, whose light has faded.  Looking down on the world, which is like a raging sea – an  open tomb – it tries to justify the path that it has taken, simply by staying on it.  Determined not to give up, it hopes in the light whose strength is just as strong (if not stronger) than the darkness.  Though it was formed in secret, before our time when we were unaware, it will be set a light for all to see.