“New friends, like one’s best coat and patent-leather boots, are only intended for holiday wear. At other times they are neither serviceable nor comfortable; they do not answer the required purposes, are ill adapted to give us the ease we seek. A new coat, however, has this advantage, that in time it will become old and comfortable; so much can by no means be predicted with certainty of a new friend.”

Anthony Trollope

awkward puzzle piece

coat-stand awaits finishing –

putty in the cracks


Written for Heeding Haiku With HA: Friendship.  My best friendships started a little clunky, but now our they have acquired the familiarity of an old coat – we fit just right.  Oh, the putty bit refers to the fact that, although it may appear to be a minor detail at times, it fills and adds to the final product. 

In Parting


Flamboyant cheeky daffodil!
your smile lights up the dark
in golden sunshine may you bask
where dewdrops meet a lark

Birthday wishes written to my Irish friend who will be returning home.  I will miss her great sense of humour as well as her genuine Irish accent 🙂


Those Times


We basil and thyme
to each other wave
motions up-and-down
By currents tied
as the sun-shine
hugs us warm
Here we sit
basil and thyme
happy to be

Inspired by the story Now I remember why, by Stuart M. Perkins. The times that I have enjoyed the most have been spent with friends, informally gathered, discussing the ins and outs of life and having a good laugh! Those times became the foundations of life-long friendships, though I can’t for the life of me remember what we talked about. They are and continue to be my most treasured moments. I look forward to many more simple, uneventful ‘times’ for myself and for all people everywhere.

Living Tapestry



rain drops stir from sleep

colours divers weave and sing –

making room for all



Written for Heeding Haiku with Ha – A Haiku Moment. The prompt is to listen to the music, feel what it has to say to you and then write a haiku. Listening to this piece I could hear the distinct sound of both instruments and yet they came together beautifully and seamlessly. The harp reminded me of raindrops falling on dusty, lonely ground. In the eye of my mind, the voice of the violin was like streams of bright colours weaving through the air and the trees. The idea captured In the haiku is that although we are all unique, we have the potential to come together as a seamless whole, in a place where everyone belongs, both great and small. In doing so, we arise from our bed of idleness and despondency, because we realise that we are in fact not alone.



Passing through
black waves
wash over
clinging to
garments outer

Yet sunny days, I see
faces bright and sweet
bringers of joy
in matters small

the substance
of moments –

and the waves take my garments with them

as I remain behind.



Written for Photo Challenge #29 “Passing Through.  This week Laura A. Lord has provided the picture for the photo prompt. Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short-story.



Un-Assuming Affection


 a friendship becomes;

a seed in the ground

ready to burst

when no one is looking.

Written for Amreen’s ‘Be Inspired Weekly challenge # 21’ which was to write a Naani (a poem of “20 to 25 syllables. The poem is not bounded to a particular subject. Generally it depends upon human relations and current statements”).