Vincent Van Gogh. Red Vineyard at Arles, 1888. 3D Adaption: Tumblr
Vincent Van Gogh. Red Vineyard at Arles, 1888. 3D Adaption: Tumblr


Simplicity ravages

malice of the savages.

Blood, sweat and tears, soothing balm

of souls yet to reach the calm.



Written for B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – Tanaga.

When I first saw this image two thoughts came to mind – fire and simplicity. My Tanaga reflects my personal experience of simplicity in my life as well as in the life of others. This experience has shown me that although simplicity may initially appear to be laborious and stale (indeed, often it is!) – those who have acquired genuine simplicity have a depth of humility, which serves not to debase themselves but rather to lift up the other. These people are a source of inspiration for me as they serve as a wellspring of love, patience and hope to those around them who have yet to be released from the complexities of this life.

Interestingly, I found an analysis of this painting by Van Gogh which highlights both the simplicity and complexity of the painting.


The Humility of Not Knowing


Clouds pass by


A gentle breeze

strokes fine

golden stalks


The sun rises

and it falls

The same day comes

and then

it goes


And all is at peace



That which is not

is a drop

in the ocean of that which is;

For there are

many gifts


And the rain to-s

and fro-s

The faces come

and then

they go


And all is still



A haze sultry sleeps

releasing delight

of apparent monotony;


a lot quite


And the joys come

and then

they go

yet the blessings

never slow


And all about

we are blooming.





Image Credit: Fotis Kontoglou


mute earth forgotten

man broken, pillaged, consumed –

await miracle


rain drops creative sunshine

oblige corruption to life


Image Credit: Fotis Kontoglou



Inspired by Heeding Haiku With HA: To Consider Soil Beneath Our Feet.



My Little Nobodies


I see you
Little drops of joy
Running through my veins so fine
Yet confined, so snug and tight
The loves of my life
Tiny pearls


  It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. The busyness of this world seems to hinder creative juices. This one is in response to Amreen’s post on the poetic form ‘Joseph’s Star’.  A tiny tribute to the simple, everyday people in my life.

Like the Earth

Lying amongst paper-thin leaves

in resignation he heaves

a sigh  longed-for yon all time –

the lowly rests, melts the rime




Written for Amreen’s PTWWW ‘Be Inspired’ Weekly Writing challenge #19 which was to write a Tanaga (a type of Filipino poem, consisting of four lines with seven syllables each with the same rhyme at the end of each line).



Minor Opus

I made you smile today and I don’t know
how it was I raised your ashen voice
above the wings you bear, dear eyes,
for centuries cold like sad-stone
waiting for expulsion
from nothing into
something e’er new
this time, as
one, we


Written for Amreen’s Be Inspired Weekly Writing Challenge #16 which was to write an Etheree (I put mine in reverse) AND WeDrinkBecause We’rePoets Poetry Prompt #011 which was to write a poem on the theme of ‘creation’.