I Was Made

    - For my Nona I remain seemingly alone, unassuming, on a fringe lush and tender. Day-by-day cars whizz me by; as strangers we remain. The world of smiles and laughter, youthful chatter, bouncing life - like Eagles flying, unstoppable, dynamic - and life passes me by. Children take hold of my branches bare,… Continue reading I Was Made


The Colour of Adversity

    juicy sap bleeds, cries manipulation maims, yet violence slays death - hollow walls’ seduction falls away ‘fore the face of life   ********************************************************************************** Written for Heeding Haiku With HA: Random Words. The challenge is to write a haiku/tanka using three random words. Many thanks to my three friends who provided me with a… Continue reading The Colour of Adversity



  'Tis all unexpected really. Shells dig deep into my feet. Stinging blood seeps through layers of sand compact. I run along the soft wetness, arms outstretched, trying to catch the wind as the band plays in the background; drums beating, trumpets singing, feet tapping. Spiralling round and round, I hit the ground and the wet… Continue reading Uncut